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Crypto Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Litecoin, Tron Trx

Saturday morning started with a good hope of crypto future. Not only bitcoin price but all alt coins are incline trend with green mark. Of course bitcoin price effects the all alt coins. Total market cap has increase $385 billion to $440 billion then yesterday and further it is increasing. Now all currencies holder and investors are waiting for some big good news from each their crypto platform. That will boost currency beyond thoughts. We will cover currency price, currency news and currency price chart. So, here we start

Bitcoin: (Btc News, Btc Price, Btc Chart )

The king of all crypto currencies the bitcoin is again gaining price increment due to its popularity. A lot of experts believes that this will cross $50,000 this year. According to graph and analysis It will cover $10,000 this week and $12,000 to $15,000 mid of the march. It will boost all alt coins too but this time alt coins will boost  more then November. Bitcoin dominance has dropped and most of investors are catching low range coins which are cheap in price and can make them good profit. Current price is surging around $9,000.

bitcoin price graph


Ethereum: ( Ethereum News, Ethereum Price, Ethereum Price Chart )

The second popular coin among cryptocurrencies is again flying. However in dark period of continue drop of bitcoin price it was stable. As per its graph and analysis it will continue to increase with a minor drop of limited time.  There is no any big news related to Ethereum this time that will boost it rapidly. Ethereum will take its position faster then bitcoin more then $1200 in two weeks. However it is very popular in market that it will cross $3,000 this year. Current price is surging around at $9,00.

Ethereum price chart


Ripple Xrp: ( Ripple Xrp Price, Ripple News, Ripple Price Chart )

Ripple xrp increased $0.75 to $1.29 in 36 hours. It is expected to cover more due to its big news of accepting ripple with big brands. Ripple xrp has faster transaction system with low fees therefore payment provider companies around the globe are connecting with RippleNet blockchain technology. Payment providing system for cross border. Many news are expected to come and its price will around $2 this month if bitcoin price reached more then $13,000.

Ripple price chart


Bitcoin Cash BCH: ( Bitcoin Cash Price, Bitcoin Cash News, Bitcoin Cash Price Chart )

Bitcoin Cash price is not significantly increased but price is more then yesterday because of btc price. BCH current price is $1,360.71 and 0.15380700 btc which has -3.68% drop. BCH price rapidly increased in December due to Coinbase news.

bitcoin cash price chart


Cardano Ada: (Cardano Price, Cardano News, Cardano Price Chart )

5th top currency in crypto market is increasing but slowly. Its price is increased from $0.35 to $0.45 in past 24 hours. Currently there is no big news that boost it rapidly. It is expected to meet $0.80 in this month. Also it is predicted that its price can meet to $10 at the end of this year.

Cardano price chart


Litecoin LTC: ( Litecoin Price, Litecoin News, Litecoin Price chart )

Litecoin is also increasing with market trend and will cover it position but little bit slow as per graph and study analysis. There is also a news that its fork is expected on 18th February which can plunge price. Current LTC price is around $167 which is 15% above then yesterday.

Litecoin Price Chart


Tron Trx: (Tron Price, Tron News, Tron Price Chart )

Tron Price Chart

Tron which is also known as trx, is increased more the 50% as compare to past 24 hours. Trx is different due to its active team member which are working and bringing something new day by day. But unfortunately price not increased as news announcements but it is expected that it will be back and cover $0.08 this week and again it will break $0.20 within 2 months. Current price is $0.054 which has 54% increment then yesterday.

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