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Cryptocurrency News Update 03-04-2018: Bitcoin News Updates, Neo [NEO] News, Tron [TRX] News

Welcome to Cryptocurrency News Update, here you can check the popular news and announcements daily like bitcoin news, ethereum news, tron news, ripple news, Neo news, regulation news, dash news and all alt coin news. Coinstoploss aims to share most informative articles to visitors.

Cryptocurrency News Headlines:

  • Bitcoin & Altcoins again started to rise
  • Taiwan to Regulate Bitcoin Under Anti-Money Laundering Laws
  • NEO is Hiring Developers
  • Tron [TRX] News Updates
  • Another Google Move Against Cryptojacking

Bitcoin News:

Cryptocurrencies market started to rise from $243 billion to $277 billion and bitcoin price is $7,401 USD at press time. It started further to drop from last week and recorded approx $10 billion was wiped this year.  On 02 April, 2018 bitcoin touched the highest value of $7,135 and observed lowest at $6,817. Opened at $6,844 and closed at $6,783.

Taiwan to Regulate Bitcoin Under Anti-Money Laundering Laws

Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan), has recommended that bitcoin should be regulated under existing anti-money laundering laws.  Focus Taiwan reported, “In a hearing held by the Finance Committee of the Legislative Yuan,” “Yang, who took the helm of the central bank in late February, suggested that the Ministry of Justice include Bitcoin into the purview of Taiwan’s Money Laundering Control Act due to the digital currency’s lack of regulation.” Read more.

Neo is Hiring

Neo is hiring, if you are developer and looking for ideal platform, it is the best option. Reported at social site by NEO that; “we will have an HR desk at NEO♥️Amsterdam event during 4/14-15. If you are a developer, join the event and meet us for a chat!

Cryptocurrency News Update

Tron [TRX] News Updates

Reported at twitter by Justin Sun; It took #TRON three days to launch 126 nodes in 5 contients of the world. United States is the top 1 with 50 nodes. China, Spain, Vietnam, Germany, India and UK

“According to Github, the project with the highest code update frequency in 30 days is #TRX. Currently #TRON has 126 nodes worldwide,most of the nodes are in USA”

Another Google Move against Cryptojacking

Extensions Platform Product Manager of Google, took to the behemoth’s Chromium Blog on Monday in a post titled, Protecting Users from Extension Cryptojacking. “Starting today,” Mr. Wagner briefed,

“Chrome Web Store will no longer accept extensions that mine cryptocurrency. Existing extensions that mine cryptocurrency will be delisted from the Chrome Web Store in late June. Extensions with blockchain-related purposes other than mining will continue to be permitted in the Web Store.”

A number of extensions available on chrome related to cryptocurrency providing different operation and mining scripts which consumes CPU use (slow speed), power consumption and without user’s consent. To keep safe and secure chrome users, James Wagner initiated taking action against these extensions.

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