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Daily Crypto News Update 13-02-2018: Bitcoin News, Ripple Xrp News, Firstcoin News, Verge News, Monero News

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Bitocoin News

News Update: 13 February, 2018

Bitcoin News:

Legendary rap star Jay-Z expanding portfolio to include crypto.

Monday and Tuesday  seems to be good for Bitcoin and market is going up.

Ripple Xrp News:

After partnership news of ripple with UAE exchange, ripple platform further added at social page of friction-less and faster transaction in 31 countries. Remember, 2 days ago both company official announced the partnership.

Cardano Ada News:

Partnership announced of IOHK with University of Edinburgh to launch first blockchain technology laboratory of Scotland.

IOHK partnered up with the University of Edinburgh to launch Scotland’s first blockchain technology laboratory. That will help students for blockchain technology development.

NEM News:

Do you know NEM uses a custom time synchronisation protocol to ensure reliable timestamps which is vital in Blockchain technology.

Monero XMR News:

Mastering Monero book is coming soon. This book include many technical explanation for many question asked by users .


  •  Why will monero improve your privacy and security.
  • How should I receive, send or stor my monero?
  • How does monero work?
  • What features set Monero apart from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?
  • How can I participate in running and securing the network?
  • How can I contribute to the Monero project?

Bitcoin Gold News:

Bitcoin gold officially announced sponsorship to CASEIT 2018.

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Binance News:

Binanance users crossed more then 7 million.

Verge News:

Verge begins proactive global outreach by attending the first ever blockchain for fashion conference in Kiev during international Fashion week in Ukraine.

FirstCoin News:

  1. Firstcoin FRST compnay has hired new members in Board for the project to be succesful.

Chief Investment Officer Dr Gheffari Dulapandan from London.

IT Head New Websites, Fullcoin and The Blockchain Mr Andras Szekely from Hungry.

Head of Marketing on Social Media Mr Adrian Maximilian Necsoiu.

  1. Fullcoin to be launch very soon and will be able to buy firstcoins directly with a simple bank transfer.
  2. Club withdrawals fees 7.5% will be reduced to 1% in order to make club members Buy/Sell coins on fullcoin, Livecoin or Yobit so transaction can be registered on blockchain which will enhance the volume and eventually increase Firstcoin rate in the market.
  3. Frstcoin club withdraws will be suspended till end of this month as they are working to decrease fees and make fullcoin operational and to increase the firstcoin club industry.


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