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Effects of Banning Crypto in South Korea Controversy & Coinmarketcap Bitcoin

November 2017 was the luckiest month for Bitcoin and entire crypto world. But time to time due to different controversies and banning news, all market cap went down below 480,524,000,000. This highly affected all currencies that are still in dip.  Today I am going to write a different article subject to Effects of Banning Crypto in South Korea Controversy & Coinmarketcap, to show 2 month graphs up and down of bitcoin price and all currencies.

market capitalization
Source: Coinmarketcap.com

All was pretty good near November and also till the mid of December, but first market capitalization went down due to Christmas. Actually this always happens in every country like in all event Christmas , Diwali, Eids, Holly and in other festivals all banks capitalization went down for a limited time. A big withdrawal from total capitalization effects at everything. Here is the same condition that total capitalization went down around 480,524,000,000$ from 646,956,000,000$. Which caused bitcoin , ethereum, ripple , Litecoin LTC and all currencies prices fall down.

South Korea Cryptocurrency Banning Controversy 

Not over there, after Christmas market again started to rise and reached around 832,095,000,000$. This was also golden period for every crypto holder. But with big and bad news related to South Korea banning of crypto, market capitalization strongly effected and still not recovered completely.

Now the market capitalization is in incline trend which is a good sign. As per my experience, this is again the start of golden era to buy bitcoin, buy ethereum and to buy other powerful currencies to make good profit and within 2 days total capitalization reached over 742,081,236,083$.

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