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Why Ethereum is here to STAY as cryptocurrencies Master

BITCOIN and other alt coins like Ripple and ethereum are taking markets by storm. A trading expert has revealed why ethereum is having an amazing journey.
Ethereum is one of the digital tokens which make up the cryptocurrency hype. However trader Brian Kelly has discovered why the currency is right here to stay along with different investor favorites, Bitcoin and Ripple.

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Why Ethereum

Ethereum is a blockchain platform which permits developers to build on and hosts smart settlement which may be used to transfer cash. The network is powered via an underlying cryptocurrency, ether.
As per news resources, he said: “Ethereum absolutely has been a huge performer so what will we have here?
“Why, since the first of the year do I think there has been a driver.
“we have a software program upgrade, for those of you who understand what’s happening. It’s the Caspar Tesnet came out on January 1st.

“What does that mean? It’s an upgrade to the ethereum software in a feel, what does it do?
“It’s step one in the direction of moving faraway from electricity intensive mining”
Now, ethereum is based on a proof of work machine in which miners need to resolve complicated algorithms to maintain the community running.

The new year upgrade to a ‘proof of stake’ system will make everything faster and cheaper as the network continues to grow.
This will make ethereum miner’s redundant. And reduce the huge energy expenses from mining which is one of the main criticisms of cryptocurrencies.

Trader said: “We’ve all read the articles about bitcoin mining take so much energy as a small country. That shows a potential for mining ban in China. Well with the Casper upgrade, ethereum will be able to move, or start to move in the direction of what’s called proof of stake. “I don’t need all those big energy intensive miners if I use proof of stake so. Number 3, we’ve talked about the potential mining ban. As ethereum over towards this the value of not having to rely on miner’s become more valuable to them.”

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