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Ethereum Will Be the Crypto King of 2018 Expert Says High Ethereum Price

This is what experts and economists believe that Ethereum price will cross $10,000 this year. Ethereum is the second generation of Bitcoin or simply to say as “Bitcoin 2.0”. Ethereum has the powerful blockchain technology which distinguishes it with all crypto including bitcoin. Popular brands and companies are willing to use Ethereum blockchain technology for their business purposes.

February started with a hope to raise crypto and all market lighting green. Today ethereum is being traded within $900 to $950 or 0.097 btc to 0.0965 btc according to coinmarketcap. Ethereum price in btc has a drop and it is in red however it is expected to boost for short period today. Bitcoin price is going to touch $10,000 today due to Central Bank news.

Ethereum Price Will Cross $10,000 This Year…!

Yes…! This rapid bitcoin price increment is just because of European Central Bank announcement that it will not ban cryptocurrencies. Ethereum price also dropped after the announcement of European Central Bank in November 2017 regarding crypto regulation and banning FUD. Not only Ethereum price, in fact each cryptocurrency price went down. Bitcoin price was around $19,000 in November and dropped more than $7,000 after this shocking news that was a more than 65% drop.  Right after more FUD supported the further price drop like South Korea etc.

Ethereum Price
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Ethereum was one of the coin which was stable in this dark era and met to $1300. Due to a back to back bad news dropped ethereum price to $800. Today Ethereum price has been covered more than 25% within a week and expected to cross $1000 this month. This massive increment shows the how much can it cover within a year.

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However, CEO of Smartvalor, Olga Feldmeier, believes the dominant cryptocurrency could rise to $100,000 by the end of this year.  Few countries are planning to make regulations and banning forum. A great controversies has been discovered in last two months and are not closed yet. Justice Minister of South Korea plans to ban anonymous currency trading. Government of China warned that currencies are being used for illegal from out of the country. Head of Bank for international settlement, Agustin Carstens stated to banks to be limited in crypto trading. He usually condemned as “ponzi scheme” to all cryptocurrencies. These all scenarios will be brought to the G 20 meeting which is going to held in March.

In order for this prediction to come true, Ethereum price increment must needs a drop in bitcoin dominance and to beat the further cryptocurrencies launch. Daily two or three cryptocurrency are being added in crypto world. To make a profit, holders and traders invest their some of btc or ethereum coin to buy these shit coins. This is totally based on big risk, sometimes they covered their profit and sometimes totally lost. In this way money distributed to different coins.

Ethereum Price Analysis Today

Ethereum price
Source: Coinmarketcap.com

According to coinmarketcap, Ethereum has traded a total volume of $2,977,430,000 or 306,320 BTC a high after February 09, 2018. Trend shows it will meet again $1000 within 24 hours.  Lowest point expected for today is $895, so set your stop loss and enjoy trading. We always show the both low and high points to make safe trade because it is based on big risk factor.

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