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Litecoin Price Analysis: Right time to buy Litecoin You Must Need to Know

Are you still waiting for any big news to BOOM the litecoin price? What do you think is it right time to buy litecoin? You will get absolutely some help to make your decision regarding litecoin. Hodl your litecoin and keep focusing on LTC to USD in pump/dump period of crypto market.

Litecoin Price Today

Litecoin price is in good trend and today litecoin price is increasing as compare to last 23 hours. This rise seen on litecoin price chart today just because of Aliant Payments. A U.S. based merchant services and payment processing system officially announced the partnership with Litecoin. Litecoin is expected to join with more big brands due to LitePay launch. A month ago, Litecoin with the aim to become powerful digital cuurency launched the LitePay. Right after this launch, price of litecoin surged and increased, and beaten the rest of coins this week.

Litecoin Price Analysis Right time to buy Litecoin You Must Need to Know
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Litecoin price is today $117.88(-3.64%) and in 0.01737940 btc (-1.22%) on 06 April, 2018. .  On 05 April, 2018 litecoin touched the highest value of $121.29 and observed lowest at $114.47. Opened at $118.21 and closed at $119.13.   Litecoin is expected to increase slightly. Unfortunately, litecoin is one of the worst coin among all altcoin for price drop in March.

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LTC is gaining fame and attentions of public and especially in payment processing system due to faster transaction system. Litecoin can processes transaction 4 times faster then bitcoin and at low fees as compare to bitcoin. After the launch of LitePay, more payment processing companies are expected to join the litecoin blockchain technology.

Where to Buy Litecoin or Is it Good time to buy litecoin?

Partnerships news or any good news can positively impact to cryptocurrency. For while a short term but prices increases after these news. Similarly negative news has the impact on cryptocurrency which causes the price drop. Currently after this LitePay and Aliant announcements, prices are little bit high in these scenerios. According to litecoin price chart analysis, this is not a right time to buy litecoin today.

To buy litecoin, need to wait and keep focusing on litecoin resistance point. For short term trading, buy litecoin when all crypto market starts to green. This is not a good time to buy for long term. For litecoin holders, I would like to suggest, please do not sell litecoin in loss, wait and watch market trend. Market is now stable at its lowest point and not to expected further drop especially in litecoin price drop. Hodl litecoin, if you feel you cannot bear further loss than sell it, it is totally up to the investors risk taking factor. I will never predict litecoin, like as bitcoin or it can cross $1,000 near in the future, but due to its amazing features it has potential to move like rocket in the sky. The litecoin market needs a lot of momentum to reverse this decline trend at the moment.

Aliant Payments official tweet

Here are some public reviews about litecoin.

Crypto Owen Wilson, a popular crypto enthusiast tweeted on 3rd April, 2018

It’s really nice to see #Litecoin back above $130. It’s not much but it’s a start- baby steps. #Crypto is here to stay. Might as well get on board with it before it’s too late. BIG investors are beginning to enter the market. Every day the moon gets closer

Litecoindad recently tweeted,

The only places with free internet in #Vegas with free internet is @Starbucks and @McDonalds

Those two places will be accepting #Litecoin soon… calling it now.

Still going with @Starbucks first 😘 #PayWithLitecoin

There are many reviews are available on internet, I wish but can’t share these all in this article. Finally, i would like to say, this is the beginning of litecoin and it has to cover a long distance for success. We just have to accept this currency warmly.


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