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NEO [NEO] to Skyrocket in Value 2018 and Public Review

NEO crypto and TRON TRX both cryptocurrency considered as the profitable option for this year. After overall price drops of cryptocurrencies, both coins were also dropped more than expectations. According to some experts, both coins have potential to boom price this year, if market again starts to rise.

In spite of market drop, NEO crypto has covered the rank to 7th position according to coinmarketcap. NEO crypto expected to rank 6th position this month. NEO market cap increased to $4.1 billion. However it is near to Cardano [ADA] in marketcap and expected to cross Cardano therefore analysts called it “stable” digital coin.  Currently NEO price is $63.17 USD with (9.04%) increment as compare to last 24 hours, at reporting time.

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Why NEO Cryptocurrency to Skyrocket in Value 2018

By using Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus mechanism, NEO can provide more than 10,000 transactions per second. There are many reasons behind to say that NEO price will go higher this year. Like, the company strategies to find more partners throughout the world to grow business, association with Onchain and the upcoming Trinity project will be useful to grow NEO value.

NEO [NEO] to Skyrocket in Value 2018 and Public Review
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What is NEO Trinity Project?

As like in Ethereum, NEO Trinity project is to carry out transaction and processes to be done off-chain, with only the final product running on-chain. This will increase the power of transactions of NEO. That is why, a great number of partnerships expected after trinity project as well as number of project launching in NEO platform.

NEO Public Reviews

Taylor Matt, a financial advisor from Seattle says:

“The time when NEO hits $100 will be the time when it can attain some sort of stability. But right now feels like nothing is happening with them.”

Pedro Bernardo, an analyst and a reporter says,

“Already NEO is way better than Ethereum in terms of costs and with trinity; you can expect the gap to widen even further. This will give NEO the extra edge it needs in its ride to the top, as the number one smart contracts platform”

Waqar Rajput, a coinstoploss.com reporter says,

“No doubt, this year NEO will take its position in top 5 cryptocurrencies among all”

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