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Prediction For Bitcoin Btc Price Will Go High Again Buy Bitcoin

There is no difficult to say that Bitcoin is the king of all cryptocurrencies. I will not write a long paragraph for praising btc because everybody knows about its infrastructure.  This is frequently asked question from me that should we buy bitcoin for long term. I will recommend to trade with btc for long term situation based if conditions like now btc can be bought for short or long term trading. The current time is best to buy bitcoin now because btc price falling was due to Christmas and then South Korea news for banning cryptocurrencies.  As per resources The Ministry of South Korea clarifies that they are not banning bitcoin trade which is also great news for crypto world.

Current Bitcoin value
Bitcoin Value As Per Coinmarketcap

If you buy btc at current price I-e 13897$ or within range of 14500$ that is profitable because it will again get position above 16000$ in few days.

Why to Buy?

This is also a news that KFC Canada accepted Bitcoin. And many more news and event are near to come regarding bitcoin by which btc will again catch its position. Some experts claimes that btc will cross 20000$ this year. But Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are also fighting for their sustainability and market grooming. That is why it is difficult to say it will cross 20000$ this year.

I would like to suggest buying btc for short term trading and buy it today. Buy at dump daily and sell when it starts pumping.

If you want to make a good profit then you also need to buy alt coins like Verge, Ethereum, Ripple, Ada etc.

#Happy Trading

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