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Ripple XRP News: Xrp Price Fighting To Boom & Survive in Crypto Market

The second day market seems better then last week. Ripple price is fighting back to boom the market on second day it is in rise.   As usual this is because of some latest news from ripple plateform and the today market imprvement. Here we start in simple words on topic Ripple XRP News: Xrp Price Fighting To  Boom & Survive in Crypto Makret.

No doubt ripple xrp is much better then bitcoin or ethereum in faster transaction system and on low fees. This is the only thing which distinguish itself from all other currencies. People and companies and big brands are warmly accepting xrp in whole world. Last month news published by us that Moneygram accepting ripple and Moneygram use ripple for transactions out of the border. This was amazing news which could cause the ripple price rise but due to some FUD or some announcement from government officials of some countries unexpectedly wiped out of around $550 billion from market. This was a big wipe out that is much greater then current total market cap. All currencies price got down and further more after some more FUD.

Why Ripple Xrp Is Best

Ripple is centralized digital currency which is established to make digital transaction faster and in cheap fees. Its price plunged from more then $3 to $0.78 within 2 months. It could survive after the moneygram official announcement more then $1.5 but market crashed. According to total market like Bitcoin is half of its value as compare to last month. Similarly Xrp is half of just because of bitcoin value drop and market crash. It is wrong to say that ripple got fell to survive it will boom if btc price come back to $15k.

Now another news announced yesterday that LianLian International a Chinese payment provider has joined RippleNet. The platform to be uses Ripple’s blockchain technology  to facilitate transactions system out of the border.  Hong Kong based company adopting Ripple’s current transaction system using block chain technology out of the any country in same day and within low fees.

ripple graph

CEO of LianLian International Mr. Arthur Zhu said in a statement:

“With RippleNet, we will further enhance that experience by offering customers instant, blockchain-powered payments across the 19 currencies that we currently support.”

A great number of payment provider company working around the world and ofcourse as per time requirement  they will use block chain technology. Now the one and best currency to be use in payment providing system is only Ripple with its astonishing features.


CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse spoke at Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit: Crypto yesterday about XRP.

He said he doesn’t like to check it all day or talk about it, but his company is heavily invested in the success and growth of XRP, when Garlinghouse was asked about the price of XRP


Garlinghouse went on to say: “The price of XRP over three hours, over three days, over three weeks, over three months, that is not success, that is not how I measure success.

“I think about success over the next three to five years.”

Everymonth ripple is coming with big news and hopefully it will bring more news.

Stay tunned for more ripple latest news…!

Ripple Graph Photo Taken Via Coinmarketcap.com

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