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Why Ripple Xrp Price not Going Up And What Expert Says

Ripple Xrp price is still at low and not starting to break records like Bitcoin. However most of the news were announced from ripple platform but ripple market is not improving. Not only ripple but all crypto currencies are not increasing due to rapid investment only in bitcoin. All cryptocurrencies are sustaining at low price range. What can boom them including ripple, here we will highlight some aspects.

One of the main reason is considerable, bitcoin is growing and breaking all records of this year. Bitcoin dominancy has increased from 34-37% in two weeks only. If we take some data which shows that bitcoin market cap has increased from $154 billion to $187 in just two weeks.

Past data shows that btc market increment also increases the prices of xrp and all cryptocurrencies. But for the first time it is going opposite…though it is right to say market ups and down is like weather. Prediction sometimes comes true and sometime false. Expert says btc will increase more but after a short drop it will get stable. From that time we can expect ripple and other cryptocurrencies can start to increase. Xrp will definitely increase and break records of this year in next month.

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Ripple xrp price is surging between $1.12 to $1.20 but its own btc price is still same. Xrp is fighting to make its value in the crypto market. Ripple team is working all over the world for new contracts and to develop payment system through blockchain technology. Number of big brands has joined ripple and continuosly announcement are still awaited from ripple xrp platform. Recently it is also announced from Ripple of Saudi Arabia Bank signed blockchain technology with ripple.

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Future of Ripple Xrp

Ripple xrp is centralized currency and it is popular that some banker are supporting this company. Ripple is joining with payment system provider and exchanges to being userfriendly currency over the internet. This strategy can leave btc behind in dark and expected in future all people using ripple xrp for their payment purpose like paypal.

It is not a big deal however we can expect that ripple xrp will be use as number one internet currency. After sometime it is expected that we make our total purchases in ripple like buying and selling our products and paying fees etc. Ripple xrp definitely beat Bitcoin and Ethereum due to its faster transaction and low fees slogan. And last but not the least, financial system like banks and exchanges are accepting ripple xrp higher then bitcoin and ethereum.

We make our analysis according to data, and you can see our other post which will show our analysis efficiency. Ripple xrp will take its position soon.

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