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Upcoming Bitcoin Fork & Ethereum Upcoming Hard Fork

A hard fork is the process for splitting cryptocurrency blockchain. It cab happens due to several reasons like fixing security gapes in a currency source code. And introducing new features and reverting transactions etc. Here i am going to show you some upcoming bitcoin forks and Ethereum upcoming hard forks also.

bitcoin fork
Upcoming Bitcoin Fork & Ethereum Upcoming Hard Fork

This is not a confirmed news but few upcoming forks are expected in January 2018. Here is the list,

Bitcoin Upcoming Fork

01. Bitcoin Smart 21 Jan, 2018

02. Bitcoin Interest 22 Jan, 2018

03. Bitcoin Lite 30 Jan, 2018

 Ethereum Upcoming Hard Fork

Ethereum Hard Fork on 19 Jan, 2018

We will aslo share a post once it is conifrmed. If you have any information regarding this, please submit through comment section.

Stay tuned…!

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