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Will Ripple, Bitcoin and all Cryptocurrencies Are Going Back to Meet Initial Price, Here is Yes or No

Bitcoin and Ripple graph significantly showing the continuous price drop and still not finding the stability line. Some experts believe, ripple or bitcoin will be back and cross $4,000 this year but numbers are not favoring them. However few popular economists predicted the price of bitcoin to $100 only near in the future. In this article we will discuss experts and economists’ predictions regarding crypto future. Either they are predicting positive or negative for the future of crypto.

We start with the Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff. He said in an interview, he seeing bitcoin to $100 in next 10 years. He further said that government regulation would be reason for drop in bitcoin prices. It needs to be global regulation.

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Today on Friday, the price of bitcoin fells below $9,000 after the stability point of $10,000. At current level bitcoin has 24 percent drops as compare to last week. The cryptocurrencies facing hard time after the U.S securities and Exchanges Commission statement that exchanges would have to register with the agency those who offer trading of “digital assets that are securities”.

It was second reason of price drop when Japan’s Financial Services Agency issued punishment notices to some exchanges in the country on Thursday, Reuters reported. Regulation authorities also suspended operation at Bit Station and FSHO for a month, as per news agency.

Ripple Vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin price drop also effects to all cryptocurrencies. However in this situation some expert believes that ripple can touch the bitcoin level near in the future. Craig Cole of CryptoMaps said, “Ripple just might be catalyst for making cryptocurrency more mainstream.”

Its amazing features like lower fees and faster transaction system make it best option for financial systems to welcome the digital currency. Ripple is best and excellent option for financial company or institutions to save more money and it is only expected to become more common in payment flows. The virtual currency is down after a great touch to $4 and has still potential to be the first token. And if it does, expect XRP ripple to reach Bitcoin levels common in public near in the future.

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One more expert Shidan Gouran, president of Global Block Chain Technologies said. Ripple is unlikely to go up by one or two notches in the cryptocurrency world in 2018.

Roman Guelfi-Gibbs CEO, Lead Systems Designer for Pinnacle Brilliance Systems Inc. says Ripple xrp will take time. Ripple has the potential to move up a notch in 2018, but I think it will be more likely in 2019.

These were predictions, but no one can predict the future of cryptocurrency. All possible here but hope exists after some regulation. Crypto without regulation was considered as pros of crypto but now these days it is the cause of price drop.

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